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Cable Feeding Sheaves

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Plugs into conduit in manhole wall, guiding cable safely into the conduit. Replacement Sheaves available
Prod No. Description Quantity
8617220_ Size:2" A1.38 B6 I.D.:1.75 O.D.: 1.95 Load Capacity: 2,600     
Item code
ISBN 19549
Author Condux
8617230_ Size:3" A2.25 B12 I.D.:2.62 O.D.: 2.95 Load Capacity: 4,800     
Item code
ISBN 19550
Author Condux
8617340* Size:4" A3.00 B12 I.D.:3.25 O.D.: 3.65 Load Capacity: 6,500     
Item code
ISBN 19552
Author Condux
8617200_ Size:4" A3.00 B12 I.D.:3.50 O.D.: 3.95 Load Capacity: 6,500     
Item code
ISBN 19551
Author Condux
8617360* Size:6" A4.50 B14 I.D.:5.00 O.D.: 5.56 Load Capacity: 6,500     
Item code
ISBN 19554
Author Condux
8617260_ Size:6" A4.50 B14 I.D.:5.37 O.D.: 5.90 Load Capacity: 6,500     
Item code
ISBN 19553
Author Condux

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