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Aluminum Test Mandrels

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Pull through duct to prove joint integrity and test for out-of round duct
Prod No. Description Quantity
8059540_ 4" Duct Size, (4.84" Length), Max.O.D.-3.25" (Load Capa, 4,500 lbs)     
Item code
ISBN 19390
Author Condux
8059550_ 5" Duct Size (5.98" Length), Max. O.D.-4.00" (Load Capa, 4,500 lbs)     
Item code
ISBN 19391
Author Condux
8059560_ 6" Duct Size (7.08" Length), Max. O.D.-4.75" (Load Capa, 4,500 lbs)     
Item code
ISBN 19392
Author Condux

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